When the Jacaranda tree blooms


Timing is everything, as they say and, for good luck and fortune it seems to be the key ingredient.

I met Sonali Kapoor earlier this year in Bangalore, India. She is the designer and founder of Spring Rhythm design studio.

Sonali had emailed me in the fall last year interested in using some of the Malabar plain fabrics with her block printed fabrics. It was also a sales pitch for her own product. It could have easily been an email that I politely responded to and declined, or worse, not responded to at all. Luckily, it arrived when I had time to read it through. It just so happened that I was visiting Bangalore less than a month later and I suggested we meet instead of waste time on email. Our first stroke of good timing.

Here’s the other thing about timing, at its core is opportunity. My trip to India was a sourcing trip. I was looking for new manufacturers and new, interesting, product. I was also on the hunt for good quality block printing manufacturers.

Malabar has its history in hand made product and Indian hand work. We had dipped our toes in the world of block printing many years ago but never launched any designs. I was adamant we were going to put something into the market that coordinated well with our colors and woven plains, I just wasn’t sure where that would come from.

Sourcing anything is really a hunt and, the secret to a good hunt is to follow every lead. This email from Sonali felt like an opportunity because, when you’re sourcing you say yes to every lead.


Sonali and I met at her home in south Bangalore, after a few hiccups with incompetent tuk tuk drivers, and flash downpour of rain. But, we met eventually and it was instant creative chemistry. As a long time landscape & Interior designer, everything she does is aesthetically driven. Her apartment is magazine shoot worthy, and her rooftop garden is dreamy. We visited her shop to see the product and I knew this product was going to be part of Malabar immediately.

A key ingredient in making the right connections is understanding one another’s priorities for life. We aligned on a lot of things and, while essentially, it’s a working relationship it’s also important to understand someone’s personal values. This makes achieving our business goals so much easier.

I knew our values alined when Sonali turned to me and said “yes, Lyn, we will work hard and we will produce beautiful product. Just as long as I am home for when the Jacaranda tree blooms’

The photo above was sent by Sonali last week…just as we have launched the Padmini Collection.

We’re excited to introduce our first collection with Spring Rhythm design studio. Called Padmini (Sanskrit for the word Lotus, which was the symbol for Malabar when we launched more than 30 years ago…way before the yoga industry took is as theirs!). This collection has 4 patterns with 3 color stories.

Sonali’s sitting room

Sonali’s sitting room

Sonali in her design studio.

Sonali in her design studio.

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