This spring we introduce our first block print collection titled: Padmini.

Padmini is the sanskrit word for Lotus and it serves as the most prominent design in this collection. The lotus was, for many years, the Malabar symbol. It represents creativity and the struggle to move from dark to light. This has often felt symbolic for hand made product; as the process is not instant and can often feel like a dark struggle, before the magic unfolds.

Authentic block printing is an art form that is meditative and calming to watch and produces a product that, at its core, is flawed. And this is the point. The irregularity of mismatched lines, the varying saturation of dye from the inconsistent weight of the printers hand…..just like a handwoven fabric, we are enamoured by the movement of pattern simply BECAUSE of the irregularities.

The Padmini collection is our version of a neutral. Each pattern in the color story can work beautifully together, particularly if you want a variety of patterns in one room but want to keep it feeling calm.

The patterns all create a sense of calm, and this is what we had aimed for. Simple, but charismatic. Colors will coordinate beautifully with many of our cotton & linen plains.

Read more about how this collection came to be…Read.